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    _Score 16 pp._

    *Ten Contemporary Pieces* jazz and dance influenced.

    1. Flowers In The Sping (Easy waltz)
    2. Vitamin C (Pop Dance)
    3. Crux (Rock'n'roll)
    4. Bingo, Bingo (Latin/ Salsa)
    5. Grapefruit Juice Blues (Slowly)
    6. Lemonsqueezer Tango (Moderate)
    7. Amp (Soul Ballad)
    8. Cobra Light (Indy Dance)
    9. Sunday-Morning-Breakfast-Boogie (Fast)
    10. Lemon-Whisky-Soda (8-beat rock)

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Giovanni
    Composer Surname Ricci
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation 2 x Treble Recorders (and guitar)

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