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Paris Quartet no. 9 in G Major


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    *Baroque Quartet.* Telemann wrote these quartets during his visits to the French capital in 1737. He composed them in the French style, for the musical tastes of his hosts. Includes foreword.

    1. Prelude (Un peu vivement)
    2. Legerement
    3. Gracieusement
    4. Vite
    5. Modere
    6. Gai
    7. Lentement-Vite-Lentement-Vite

    _Score 32 pp. Parts 8 pp._

    Arranger Manfredo Zimmermann
    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer First Name Georg Philipp
    Composer Surname Telemann
    Instrumentation Flute, Violin, Viola da Gamba with Continuo

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