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Renaissance Recorder Anthology Grade Volume 1 with CD


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    *32 Compositions from The Renaissance* for Descant Recorder and Piano with accompaniment CD. This book is one of many in a very successful series published by Schott. Features include extensive introductory notes in English, German and French and information about the authors. A great addition to any Recorderist~~~~~s music collection!

    1. Arbeau, "Pavane"
    2. Susato, "La Mourisque"
    3. Anon., Une Jeune Fillette"
    4. Campion, "What if a Day or a Moneth or a Year"
    5. du Tertre, "Pavane"
    6. du Tertre, "Galliarde"
    7. Gastoldi, "Questa Dolce Sirena"
    8. Arbeau, "Les Bouffone"
    9. Gervaise, "Pavane"
    10. Gervaise, "Galliarde"
    11. Byrd, "La Volta"
    12. Phalèse, "Almande Lorayne"
    13. Anon., "Passa Mesure Galliard"
    14. Gastoldi, "L~~~~~Invaghito"
    15. Valderrébano, "Soneto"
    16. d~~~~~Estrée, "Allemande"
    17. Arbeau, "Branle d"Ecosse"
    18. Galilei, "Saltarello"
    19. Praetoriuos, "Bourrée 1"
    20. Praetoriuos, "Bourrée 2"
    21. Attaingnant, "Pavane"
    22. Attaingnant, "Galliarde"
    23. Phalsè, "Bransle de Champaigne"
    24. d"Estrèe, "Bransle de Lavandières"
    25. Dowland, "Mistress Winter~~~~~s Jump"
    26. Praetorious, "Ballet des Coqs"
    27. Dowland, "Mrs White~~~~~s Nothing"
    28. Dowland, "The King of Denmark~~~~~s Galliard"
    29. Susato, "Basse Dase"
    30. Attaingnant, "Basse Danse"
    31. Susato, "Bergerette"
    32. Susato, "Nachtanz"

    _Score 48 pp. Part 16 pp._

    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder with Piano (includes CD)

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