The English Dancing Master, Volume 1


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    _Score 14 pp. Quarto size._

    *Collection of Twenty Renaissance Compositions* with the intermediate player in mind. Includes helpful notes in English and German.

    1. Boateman
    2. The Begger Boy
    3. Parsons farewell
    4. Bobbing Joe
    5. The Whish
    6. Grimstock
    7. Wooddicock
    8. The Saraband
    9. The Spanish Jeepsie
    10. Nonesuch
    11. Daphne
    12. Lord of Carnavans Jegg
    13. Irish Trot
    14. Pauls Steeple
    15. All in a Garden green
    16. The Punks Delight
    17. Newcastle
    18. The Glory of the West
    19. Mundesse
    20. Kettle Drum

    Arranger Manfred Harras
    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer First Name John
    Composer Surname Playford
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant or Tenor Recorder

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