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Technical Studies


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    *30 Technical Exercises* designed to build and improve the technical base of recorder players.

    1. F Major
    2. C Major
    3. D Major, D minor
    4. E Major, E minor
    5. F sharp Major, F sharp minor, F minor
    6. G Major, G minor, G flat Major, G sharp minor
    7. A Major, A flat Major, A flat minor, A sharp minor
    8. B flat Major, B flat minor, B Major, B minor
    9. C Major, D Major, D minor
    10. C sharp Major, C flat Major, C Major, C minor
    11. D Major, D flat Major, D minor
    12. E flat Major, E flat minor
    13-17. Chromatic Exercises, Broken Chords
    18. Major and minor
    19-20. Triads and inverted triads
    21. Broken triads
    22-25. Diminished seventh chords
    26. Dominant seventh chords and four-three chords
    27. Half diminished and diminished seventh chords
    28. Augmented triads
    29. Problems of notation
    30. Augmented triads

    Introductory and editorial notes included. Notes on specific exercises in German only.

    _Part 24 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Rupert
    Composer Surname Doppelbauer
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Descant or Tenor Recorder

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