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    *Pieces for AMEB Recorder Examination Grades 1 - 4* List A, B and C.

    Grade 1
    A. Linde, Two Studies
    A. Uies, Two Studies
    B. Eyck, Rosemondt
    B. Godman, Foot~~~~~s Minuet
    B. Godman, Foot~~~~~s Minuet
    B. Hervieux, Prelude and Marche des Surlobes
    C. Bergmann, Norwegian Call
    C. Bergmann, Norwegian Call

    Grade 2
    A. Linde, Study in Articulation
    A. Uies, Two Studies
    B. Anon, Tune for the Parrot
    B. Anon, Minuet
    B. Anon, Trumpet Tune
    B. Anon, March
    B. Anon, Farewell Tune
    C. Hill, Giety
    C. Hill, Gaiety

    Grade 3
    A. Linde, Three Studies
    A. Linde, Two Studies
    A. Linde, Two Studies
    B. Anon, Fifth Royal Estampie
    B. Eyck, Sweet Summer Time
    B. Anon, Red House
    B. Corrette, Canon and Fanfare
    C. Steel, Molto Moderato
    C. Heyl, Poco Animato

    Grade 4
    A. Linde, Two Studies
    A. Cosimi, Prelude
    B. Telemann, Siciliana and Aria I
    B. Valentine, Adagio and Allegro
    B. Anon,Division Upon and Italian Ground
    C. Tattersall, Clowns
    C. Carroll, Mime

    Includes introductory notes and comprehensive quide on ornamentation.

    _Score 29 pp. Part 33 pp._

    Period/Genre Examination
    Composer Surname AMEB
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant or Treble Recorder with Piano

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