Greatbass Recorder in Birch, complete kit


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Paetzold by Kunath

Complete Kit - Great Bass, spike, stand and case. Birch Plywood. Great bass  in C (an octave below a tenor) along with all of the usually-ordered extras, ready to go. 

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$5,095.00 tax incl.

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Paetzold recorders are now available in a wide range of colours, please click here to view the image gallery showing example instruments in all finishes.  

The range of Paetzold recorders is the same as that for standard baroque recorders - more than two octaves (A-442) with six sizes now available. A comfort tenor in C, a basset (bass) in F, a great bass in C (an octave below a tenor), a contrabass in F (one octave below a regular bass), a subgreatbass in C (two octaves below a tenor), and now a massive subcontrabass in F (two octaves below a bass).

One Major attraction of Paetzold recorders, in addition to their lovely tone, in tune notes and unusual appearance, is that their sound, even on the lowest bottom notes, is very strong, in contrast to many other makers' low instruments. The Paetzold recorders also have a much sweeter and richer sound than other brands' low instruments, mostly because of their very large bore. All notes on each of these Paetzold recorders are played with keys, and include double keys for the two bottom notes. Key design and placement on Paetzold recorders allows easy playing of all notes, even for people with small hands or those with limited range of use or facility. The basset (bass) is slightly longer than a tenor and has the quick and light response of a treble recorder.