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Nine German Arias


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    *Nine Baroque Arias.*

    1. Kunft~~~~~ger Zeiten eitler Kummer, HWV202 (with violin)
    2. Das zitternde Glanzen der spielenden Wellen, HWV203 (with oboe)
    3. Susser Blumen Ambraflocken, HWV204 (with violin)
    4. Susse Stille, sanfte Quelle, HWV205 (with flute)
    5. Singe Seele, Gott zum Preise, HWV206 (with violin)
    6. Meine Seele hort im Sehen, HWV207 (with oboe)
    7. Die ihr aus dunkeln Gruften HWV208 (with violin)
    8. In den angenehmen Buschen, HWV209 (with violin)
    9. Flammende Rose, Zierde der Erden, HWV210 (with violin/flute)

    _Score 46 pp. Parts 12-27 pp._

    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer First Name Georg Friedrich
    Composer Surname Handel
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Soprano Voice, violin or oboe or flute with Basso Continuo

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