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Senioren Musizieren: Blockflote


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    *23 Compositions*, some for solo with piano and trios/quartets with varying combinations of recorders. Features easy to read large print and arrangements of the accompanied pieces for both Descant and Treble Recorders. Senioren Musizieren is a cautious course for older people who have never played an instrument or want to get started again after a long break. Making music stimulates the mind, the soul enjoys and creates the opportunity to do something together with others and to experience what motivates and enriches life.

    *Pieces with Piano Accompaniment:*
    2. Der Ton h
    4. Der Ton a
    8. Wiederholungsstuck
    10. Der Ton g
    17. Au clair de la lune
    20. Der Ton c
    25. Kleines Flotensolo
    31. Der Ton d
    45. Der Mai ist gekommen
    47. Schwedisches Kinderlied
    49. Praetorious: Gavotte
    51. Praetorius: Gilotte
    53. Oh, When The Saints

    *Ensemble Pieces*
    6. Trio (AAA/TTT)
    15. Trio (ATT)
    16. Quartet (ATTB)
    27. Quartet (AATB)
    40. Grosses Wiederholungsstuck (TTB)
    41. Ode an die Freude (TTB)
    42. Ich hort ein Sichlein rauschen (TTB)
    52. Gartenserenade (TTB)
    54. Was soll das bedeuten (TTB)
    56. Fuge (SATB)

    _Score 31 pp._

    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer First Name Barbara Hintermeier/
    Composer Surname Birgit Baude
    Grade Easy
    Instrumentation Various combinations of Descant, Treble Recorder, Tenor + Bass Recorders, some with Piano

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