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J.S. Bach Cantatas Church Year Vol 2


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    *Eight Beautiful Arias* arranged for varying combinations of recorders. Includes introductory notes and lyrics.

    1. Sexagesima BWV 18. (A, S, B)
    2. Estomihi BWV 127. (A, A, S, T, B)
    3. 2nd Easter BWV 6. (A, T, B)
    4. Easter II BWV 112. (A, A, T/Gb)
    5. Easter III BWV 103. (Sn/A, S, A/T, B)
    6. White Sunday BWV 172. (A, T, B)
    7. Whit Tuesday BWV 175. (A, A, A, A/Sn)8. Trinity BWV 129. (A, A, T/Gb)

    _Score 46 pp. Parts 8-16 pp._

    Period/Genre Baroque
    Composer First Name Johann Sebastian
    Composer Surname Bach
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Various Combinations 3-5 Recorders

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