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Repertoire for Music Schools Vol 2a


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    *34 Pieces from Around the World and from Different Periods.* Includes preface and appendix in English, German, French and Spanish.

    98. Saltarello
    99. Saltarello
    100. Trotto
    101. Istanpitta Ghaetta
    102. Bassano, Ricercata
    103. Van Eyck, "Questa dolce sirena"
    104. van Eyck, "Engles Nachtegaeltje"
    105. Hotteterre, "Prelude"
    106. Hotteterre, "Prelude"
    107. Pepusch, "Prelude"
    108. Purcell, "Prelude"
    109. Purcell, "Prelude"
    110. Visconti, "Prelude"
    111. Handel, "Allegro"
    112. Demoivre, "Suite"
    113. Telemann, "Fantasia"
    114. Telemann, "Fantasia"
    115. Quantz, "Minuetto"
    116. Anon., "Rondeau"
    117. Boismortier, "Suite"
    120. Guillaume Dufay, "Benedictus"
    121. Dunstable, "O rosa bella"
    122. Brumel, "Benedictus"
    123. Morley, "La caccia"
    124. Morley, "La tortorella"
    125. de Lassus, "Fantasia"
    126. de Lassus, "Lassa for a mi"
    127. Gibbons, "Fantasia"
    128. Finger, "Chaconne"
    129. Handel, "Air"
    130. Loeillet, "Sonate"
    131. Soos, "Three-part Intentions

    _Part 57 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant/Treble - Descant - Treble
    Composer Letter V
    Composer Name Various

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