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Schott Recorder Consort Anthology: Dance Music Vol 4


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    *Fourth Volume in the Series - Dance Music. 35 Works.* This publication presents mostly trios, quartets, quintets and sextets but also includes some duets. The repertoire includes both original instrumental works and transcriptions of vocal pieces. There are lively and stately dances, fantasias, arrangements of madrigals, chansons and more restrained sacred works chosen for their effective realization by recorder consorts. Notes are written and both English and German. The anthology collection conatins more than 130 pieces in six individaul volumes.

    1. Anon., "La Danse de Cleves"
    2. Anon., "Pavana in passo e mezzo"
    3. Anon., "Saltarello ~~~~~La barca del mio amore~~~~~"
    4. Anon., "Pavana ~~~~~La fasane~~~~~"
    5. Susato, "Bergerette ~~~~~Dont vient cela~~~~~"
    6. d~~~~~Estrees, "Basse danse ~~~~~Bernadine~~~~~"
    7. du Tertre, "Pavane & Gaillarde"
    8. du Tertre, "Branle de la guerre"
    9. du Tertre, "Branle - simple"
    10. du Tertre, "Branle - simple"
    11. P & B Hessen, "Allemande ~~~~~Jamais n~~~~~aymeray masson~~~~~"
    12. Othmayr, "Ein beurisch Tanz"
    13. Anon., "Polish Dance"
    14. Mainerio, "Putta nera ballo furlano"
    15. Mainerio, "L~~~~~arboscello ballo furlano"
    16. Anon., "Pvan with Divisions"
    17. Holbourne, "Pavan"
    18. Holbourne, "Nowell~~~~~s Galliard"
    19. Negri, "Barriera"
    20. Negri, "Bianca fiore"
    21. Zanetti, "Passo e mezzo"
    22. Zanetti, "Ballo de colla"
    23. Zanetti, "Pavaniglia"
    24. Zanetti, "La bella pedrina"
    25. Caroubel, "Branle gay I"
    26. Caroubel, "Branle gay II"
    27. Caroubel, "Branle gay III"
    28. Praetorius, "Ballet"
    29. Praetorius, "Ballet"
    30. Praetorius, "Ballet des matelotz"
    31. Praetorius, "Volte"
    32. Brade, "Courante"
    33. after Playford, "Grimstock"
    34. after Playford, "Goddesses"
    35. after Playford, "Heart~~~~~s Ease"

    _Book 34 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation 3 - 5 Recorders
    Composer Letter V
    Composer Name Various


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