Recital Pieces Vol 5


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    _Part 50 pp._

    *Collection of 12 Advanced Contemporary Works*, each featuring a particular recorder. Includes brief introductory notes in English by the editor.

    *A Little Pastoral by David Matthews* for Tenor Recorder
    1. A Little Pastoral

    *Winter Fruits by Fridget Fry* for Treble Recorder
    1. Moderato
    2. Improvisation
    3. Scherzando

    *Dance Diversions by Bryan Kelly* for Treble Recorder
    1. Theme - Andante
    2. Alla marcia
    3. Scherzo - Allegro
    4. Tempo di Valse
    5. Sarabande
    6. Tarantella - Vivo

    *The Dawn Piper by Nicholas Marshall* for Descant Recorder
    1. Adagio

    *Impromptu by John Veale* for Treble Recorder
    1. Andante

    *Piping Down The Valleys Wild by Adam Gorb* for Treble Recorder
    1. (Andante)
    2. Presto
    3. Adagio

    *Little Recorder Book by Carson P. Cooman, Op. 757* for Treble Recorder
    1. Caprice
    2. Song
    3. Recitative
    4. Intermezzo
    5. Lament
    6. Caprice II

    *Chiou by Chou Chiu-Yu* for Treble Recorder
    1. expansive
    2. Playful
    3. Meno mosso evenly

    *Africa Notebook by Geoffrey Poole* for Tenor Recorder.
    1. Calabash - Comfortable Swing
    2. Kalimba - Con moto
    3. Snow Mountain Piper

    *Occasional Dancing by Jane Wells* for Treble Recorder
    1. Allegro
    2. Moderato
    3. Piu mosso
    4. Andante
    5. Tempo Primo

    *Two Stars by David Forshaw* for Treble Recorder
    1. Altair (The Winged Egale)
    2. Arcturus (A Rogue Star)

    *A Walk With My Dog Molly by Peter Hope* for Treble Recorder
    1. Comodo
    2. Fetch the Ball - Sgagliando
    3. Walking on - Comodo, come prima
    4. Chewing a Bone - Allegro deciso
    5. Dogs Play Fight Vivace, irregolare
    6. Walking on - Comodo, come prima

    Arranger John Turner
    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate - Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Sopranino, Descant, Treble and Tenor Recorders

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