Duet 7


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    _Score 10 pp._

    *Four Contemporary Pieces.*

    1. Aria 1 (Andante. espressivo) "O what can ail thee, knight at arms, Alone and palely loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake And no birds sing"
    2. Scherzo and Trio (Fast and Light)
    3. Aria 2. (Andante con moto), piu mosso "I met a lady in the woods, Full beautiful- a faery's chils, Her hair was long, her foot was light. And her eyes were wild "
    4. (Allegro non troppo, Andante. Epilogue)

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Andrew
    Composer Surname Baker
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation 2 x Descant or 2 x Tenor Recorders

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