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We're excited to publish nine new contemporary Australian recorder compositions by Lance Eccles and Ben Thorn.

In the next coming weeks we'll be publishing the first round of compositions from last year's Orpheus Music 2020 Composition Competition. 

Our newest compositions include:

Protest March by Lance Eccles for Treble - 2 Tenors - Bass

Dancing with a Cabbage by Ben Thorn for Descant - Treble - Tenor + Harp

Travellers by Ben Thorn for Descant - Treble - Bass

Beneath the Sea by Lance Eccles for  Descant - Treble - Tenor - Bass

Winter in the Forest by Lance Eccles for Treble - Tenor - Bass

Boats on the Lake by Lance Eccles for Treble - Tenor - Bass

Birds for C by Ben Thorn for Treble - Tenor

Three little tardigrades by Lance Eccles for Treble - Tenor -Tenor - Bass

Gregorian Fantasy: Rorate Caeli (Rain Down Dew, O Heavens) by Lance Eccles for Descant - Treble -2 Tenors -Bass