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  • Treble (Olive) and Descant (Tulipwood)

    Olive and Tulipwood

    Elegance and beauty.

  • Dream recorders

    Dream recorders

    A warm round sound to brighten any moment



10-15  January Armidale NSW

Pre Course 14th and Post course 16th and 17th January

The pinnacle point of a recorder player’s year! A week of intensive recorder workshops with highly regarded recorder specialists. A time of wonderful music making, motivation and inspiration. Full Board available on campus.



It is time for you to vote for your favourite Orpheus Music 25th Celebration video. You can vote for either your favourite or for your top three picks.Voting is totally anonymous and can be done only once. Voting is open until 31st of March. There are two categories you will be able to vote for - Solo and Ensemble. Click here to view all the videos. We also have group and solo playlists so you can hear both categories. We will be announcing the winners in April. 


Orpheus Music stocks a comprehensive range of recorder sheet music for solo recorder, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, 7,8,9 recorders right through to a full recorder Orchestra. Repertoire includes old music - Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic as well as modern, jazz, folk and contemporary Australian music for the recorder. Representing a wide range of publishers from around the world including many boutique recorder publishers.

Orpheus Music also stocks a large range of quality recorders. Many different sizes of recorders including, garklein, sopranino, descant, treble, tenor, bass, great bass, sub contra bass from a range of makers including Mollenhauer, Kung, Peatzold, Dolmetsch, Aulos and Zen-on. Recorder accessories include, recorder cases, straps, thumb rests, oils and greases, cleaning brushes, recorder stands and maintenance kits.

As recorder specialists we offer recorder repairs and advice.

Featured Recorders

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    $2,803.00 In Stock
    • Made from selected Cherry.
    • Strong low register, clear top end.
    • Kung basses are world renowned for their quality.
    • Suitable for both solo and ensemble playing.
    • The Superio Cherrywood bass has an...
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    $605.00 In Stock
    • Made from Grenadilla wood,
    • Baroque Double Holes.
    • A strong sound throughout the entire register.
    • Suitable for various combinations in ensemble or in solo playing.
    • This particular instrument is noted...
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    $63.00 In Stock

    Wide bore – full sound for ensemble playing

    Dreamy, yet robust
    High quality ABS plastic: chlorine-free, not susceptible to damage and can be thoroughly...

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    $205.00 In Stock
    • Made from Pearwood, stained blue.
    • Wide bore, full sound for ensemble playing.
    • Attractive shape based on Medieval and Renaissance models.
    • Large finger holes, good tactile orientation on the instrument.
    • ...
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    $1,210.00 In Stock
    • Rosewood Tenor, baroque double holes.
    • Denner - A wealth of sound from fine woods. A sophisticated ensemble based on original instruments by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) in Nuremberg and Copenhagen.
    • Brilliant, expressive...
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    $2,495.00 In Stock

    Natural Pearwood Knick Bass, baroque double holes, double key. Wide bore, full sound for ensemble playing: the Dream-ensemble from soprano to knick bass. Renaissance - The heyday of consort playing Renaissance recorders were constructed in such...

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