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Orpheus Music stocks new Mollenhauer Recorders from Germany, Takeyama Recorders from Japan, Music Garden by Kulossa from Taiwan, Kung Recorders from Switzerland & Aulos, Yamaha and Zen-on Recorders from Japan.

Orpheus Music stocks new Mollenhauer Recorders from Germany, Takeyama Recorders from Japan, Music Garden by Kulossa from Taiwan, Kung Recorders from Switzerland & Aulos, Yamaha and Zen-on Recorders from Japan.



  • The trade mark “AULOS” is taken from Greek mythology meaning the Wind Instrument with double reed.

    When our plastic recorders - the first - were launched into the market in 1955, the name AULOS was chosen by Mr. Masaru Hanamura from the Japanese Ministry of Education. Since this time we have been continually developing techniques to maintain and improve performance and quality.

    AULOS recorders are currently used in schools not only in Japan but in more than 50 countries worldwide. In addition to recorders, high precision instruments such as a traditional flute called “Shinobue” and Flauto Traverso have been successfully manufactured from our specially made resin. They are highly valued as excellent instruments.

    The slightest shape difference in manufacture reflects timbre so our precision molding has a tolerance in micron units (1/1000 millimeter). Experienced and skillful engineers are engaged in producing superb and uniform instruments in our factory in Japan. This is reflected in creating instruments of the highest quality.

    We continually strive to make the best, thus contributing to a standard of excellence in music making throughout the world.

  • FRANZ KUNG was one of the early pioneers of 20th Century Recorder making. He founded his workshop in the family villa at Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1938, and by the early 1950s he was winning international awards for his work. He continued making until his death in 1977, and has been succeeded by several generations of Kung family members.

    The current model line-up began to appear in the 1970s and 80s, and has been refined in the subsequent decades into some of the most finely finished and prestigious recorders available. 

  • Mollenhauer has a history of recorder craftsmanship for almost 200 years. This innovative company has released several recorder series to cater for all the needs of recorder players, students and ensembles. Ideal series for recorder ensembles and soloistic needs are their Denner, Canta, Adrian's Dream, Dream and Kynseker series. Student centred recorder series include Prima, Swing, Waldorf-edition. Their most recent series an electronic recorder series 'Elody' which can be hooked up to an amp.  Mollenhauer pride themselves in using the best quality woods and materials to provide great recorders at a reasonable cost.


  • Music Garden Recorders were developed by Doris Kulossa, an outstanding German recorder maker who learned her trade in the Moeck, Blezinger and Mollenhauer workshops. The Kulossa Recorder Workshop opened in 2005, located in Bochum, Germany.

    The Music Garden recorders are a collaboration between Doris Kulossa and the Music Garden organisation in Taiwan. They are high quality plastic recorders that have been freely adapted after designs by Stanesby and are characterized by their beauty of sound and enormous stability of intonation. This is especially useful in ensembles where the recorders will play nicely in tune regardless of the breath pressure each player is using.

    A sweet, not too loud sound, combined with fast response, a very clean intonation, easy to play high notes and really stable low notes, make these recorders the ideal introductory instrument. The transparent models are especially useful for beginners who are learning how to limit the amount of moisture entering the recorder - condensation on the inside of the recorder can be clearly seen. 

  • Takeyama Recorders

     Beginning in Osaka Japan over 60 years ago, Takeyama have now become one of the most sought-after recorder makers anywhere in the world. They employ the extremely fine woodworking skills for which Japan is famous and combine that with a unique gift for matching the voicing of the recorder to the characteristics of the wood being used. A single Takeyama recorder requires two to five years to make. Each instrument is created by a team of eight craftsman and undergoes more than 60 processes.  

     Please Note: Takeyama recorders are in high demand, and there can often be a significant waiting time for a model once it is out of stock. We recommend using the automated notification system so that if you are waiting for a particular instrument, you will be notified the moment it becomes available: go to the instrument’s More Info page and enter your email address in the box provided.


  • In 1936 the Berlin Olympics were held, with recorder performances included in the celebrations, and at that time a Japanese national was in the audience. That was a man named Yoshitaka Sakamoto, who was studying abroad in Germany at the time. Seeing a performance by a large crowd of children playing recorders made a deep impression on him, and recognizing the educational value of the instrument he took soprano, alto and tenor models back to Japan with him when he returned. It was at that time that the recorder came to Japan. Sakamoto tried to produce these models of recorder in Japan, and petitioned Nihon Kangakki Kabushikigaisha (later Yamaha Corporation), where their manufacture began. 

    Because of their meticulous attention to detail throughout the production process, Yamaha recorders are recognized worldwide for their high quality, and loved by the best musicians in the world.

  • For more than 50 years ZEN-ON has been promoting recorders as the best musical instruments for school 
    children, and has made great efforts to manufacture top quality instruments at reasonable prices. ZEN-ON
    recorders has enjoyed the highest reputation for quality and have been used as the best recorders under 
    the brand names of "
    ZEN-ON", "BRESSAN" and "STANESBY Jr." ZEN-ON is the first recorder
    manufacturer in Japan that has complete line of products from Sopranino to great bass so as to meet the 
    demands of any recorder player and teacher. ZEN-ON recorders are recommended by many world famous 
    recorder players and school teachers not only as ideal school instruments, but also as good instruments for
    professional players.

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