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  • by W.A./Domenico Mozart/Gabrieli
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    Instrumentation: 2-3 Bass Recorders
    Period/Genre: Baroque/Classical
    Grade: Moderate

    _2 x Score 4 pp._

    *Two Baroque Canons.*

    1. WA Mozart, "Canon on the Death of a Nightingale" (3 x Basses)
    2. Domenico Gabrieli, "Canon a due Bassi" (2 x Basses)

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  • by Rodion Shchedrin
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    Instrumentation: 2 x Bass Recorders
    Period/Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: Very Difficult

    _Score 11 pp._

    *Two Contemporary Pieces* using some avant-garde techniques.

    1. Music from afar "Sostenuto cantabile"
    2. Slavonic Dance "Allegretto ritmico"

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  • by Ann Garling
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    Instrumentation: 2 x Bass Recorders
    Period/Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: Moderate

    _2 x Score 3 pp._

    *Three Fascinating Contemporary Duets* written in a conversational style.

    1. Breaking the ice
    2. Gossip
    3. Sweet nothings

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  • by Guss Haverkate
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    Instrumentation: 2 x Bass or Tenor + Bass Recorders
    Period/Genre: Jazz/Pop

    _Score 20 pp. Parts 4 pp._

    *Eleven Duets for Treble Recorders.* The compositions in this book have a flexible instrumentation and may be played as duets (2 x Treble Recorders) or with accompanying "rhythm section" with bass or tenor and...

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  • P590
    Arranger: Eric Haas
    Instrumentation: 2 x Bass Recorders or 2 x Bass Viols
    Period/Genre: Renaissance
    Grade: Moderate

    _Score 37 pp_

    *Collection of 28 Pieces* for two Bass Recorders or Viols.

    1. Anon., "Fantasia"
    2. Anon., "Coranto"
    3. Anon., Pavan"
    4. Anon., "Galliard"
    5. Whythorne, "What makes young fols simple in shew"...

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