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    Grade: n/a

    _205 pp. Hardcovered book._

    *Book* Homage to Australian recorder-maker Fred Morgan who profoundly influenced the development of the early music movement and the quality of recorder making.

    54 authors from 15 countrues describe...

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    _Soft Covered Book 238 pp._

    "For the recorder player wishing to acquire an insight into the many aspects of our instrument and learn to see facts not only as "how to do" but also as an inspiration. The Cambrdige Companion to the Recorder...

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  • P142
    Instrumentation: Recorder
    Period/Genre: Renaissance
    Grade: Difficult

    _Book 26 pp._

    *How to Play the Recorder, Ornamentation and Divisions.* This publication includes facsimile fingering charts and manuscripts alongside contemporary style print. Topics covered include The Human Voice, Breathing, Fingering,...

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  • F0571207800
    Period/Genre: Baroque

    _Book 412 pp. 2nd edition._

    *Baroque Performance Practice.*

    One of the primary sources of information about 18th century performance practice. In spite of its title, it is not simply a tutor for the flute, but a fully-fledged...

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  • by Hans-Martin Linde
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    Period/Genre: Contemporary

    _Soft Covered Book 149 pp._

    *Performance Practice.* A comprehensive survey of the recorder, its history and its music including; *The Instrument,* its design, structure and mechanics with advice on its choice and care. *Playing the...

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  • Z14734
    Period/Genre: Contemporary

    _Spiral Bound Book 72 pp._

    *Have You Ever Wondered What That Squiggle Means?* This book aims to entice others to take part in listening to and froming sound, activities which for us are life-giving and pleasurable; to invite them into...

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  • JC01

    This book is virtually a complete curriculum for any teacher wanting to teach children (or people of any age!) how to be musical via the recorder. It is particularly useful for teachers in Steiner / Waldorf schools, but other teachers and...

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  • by Sylvestro Ganassi
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    Arranger: Ed. Hildemarie Peter
    Period/Genre: Mediaeval

    _Book 108 pp._

    *A Treatise on the Art of Playing the Recorder and of Free Ornamentation.* Contains Editor's Preface, Editorial Report, New Translation of Sylvestro Ganassi's "Fontegara", Ganassi's Table of Contents of "Fontegara",...

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    _Paper back 112 pp._

    Recorders have been made and played for hundreds of years. However it is only comparatively recently that we have been able to understand some of the details of how recorders work.

    This book offers the most...

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  • by Eve O'Kelly
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    _Large Paperback Book 179 pp. Approximately 19 x 23.5 x 1 cm._

    This book is packed with great illustrations, musical examples, and is about one of the most widely played and yet least understood of instruments, the recorder. Initially...

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  • RL28680
    Period/Genre: Contemporary

    _Soft Covered Book 76 pp._

    *The Recorder , Its Traditions and Its Tasks* is a comprehensive and thorough guide to the instrument. Several different fingering charts are included which cover conventions from varying periods throughout the...

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  • AL25732
    Period/Genre: 17th-18th Centuries

    *Musical Interpretation of 17th-18th Centuries - common to all instruments*.

    This book is a wonderful resource for those wishing to learn more about interpreting music from the Baroque period, according to composers such as Bach,...

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