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Tutor: Hans-Dieter Michatz

Marin Marais - Couplets des Folies D'espagne  PAR109

Giovanni Gabreli - Sonata pian e forte - will be supplied by HDM

Eccles - Verbunkos Suite OMP026 - learn all parts

  • by  Various Composers
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    Arranger: Andrew Robinson
    Instrumentation: Solo Treble Recorder
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult

    *This volume contains arrangements of string music that recorder players have become accustomed to playing - six movements from Bach~~~~~s Solo Violin Partitas, 29 from his Cello suites, Marais Couplets du Folies along with Telemann~~~~~s...

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  • by Lance Eccles
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    Instrumentation: Descant, Treble, 2 x Tenor + Bass Recorders
    Period/Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: Difficult

    *Contemporary Piece.* 18th century Hungarian recruiting tunes. Lively rhythmical sections join together in a single composition.

    1. Verbunkos Dance Suite

    _Score 11 pp. Parts 3-4 pp._

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