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Bass Recorders

Dream-Edition Knick Bass Recorder in Plumwood


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    Plum Knick Bass, baroque double holes, decorative rings, four keys.

    Dream-Edition - for the demands of a soloist!
    Due to their characteristic wide bore and full, round sound the Dream-Edition is ideally suited to the exceptional demands of the recorder's repertoire both in ensemble and as a soloist. The individually matched instruments in European plumwood with maple decorative rings combine a richness of tone colour with stability. Baroque fingering and double holes provide for surprising agility. A' = 442 Hz.

    Purchased parts package:
    * Instrument
    * Case
    * Support strap
    * Adjustable thumb rest
    * Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
    * Joint grease
    * Fingering chart
    * Maintenance instructions
    * Made in Germany

    All instruments dispatched by Orpheus Music are automatically insured for their full value at no extra cost to the customer.


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