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The Grammar of Ornament


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    *Well Set Out Tutor* for Baroque Ornamentation. Guidelines for modern performances. Features several examples of varying difficulty and ornamentation. This is a very comprehensive volume. Highly recommended.

    1. Baroque Ornamentation
    2. Musical Rhetoric
    3. The Essential Graces
    4. Ornaments
    5. Trill Exercises
    6. Free Ornamentation (Figures)
    7. Guidelines for Interpretation
    8. example: Handel Sonata Op. 1/11
    9. Variation Figures
    10. Extempore Variation Patterns
    11. example: Handel Sonata Op. 1/2
    12. example: Handel Sonata Op. 1/2 - exercises
    13. example: Hanel Gavotte Op. 1/2 = Op. 4/3
    14. example: Corelli Sonata Op. 5/9
    15. example: Finger, A Ground by Mr Finger
    16. example: Finger, Finger Ground Figures
    17. example: Telemann, Sonata 1ma
    18. example, Handel, Fitzwilliam Sonata in d
    19. Bibliography

    _Tutor 30 pp._

    Publisher All Publishers
    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Eric
    Composer Surname Haas
    Grade Moderate - Difficult - Very Difficult
    Composer Name Haas - Eric

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