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    Nardoo Move MD3188 (1996)

    This self-titled album presents a tapestry of original music from a melting pot of jazz, ethnic and medieval influences. The duo blend the Ganassi recorder (a Renaissance treble recorder) with new instruments built by Peter Biffin, the Tarhu and the Deboosh.

    There is no other duo like this new instruments and new techniques creating a highly original form of music from melodies which one can almost whistle, rhythms that the foot almost remembers and sounds that are nearly the words of a heart-felt song.

    Nardoo has created a unique form of music wherein haunting tone colours and beautifully interwoven melodies unfold spontaneously. There is an engaging and subtle interaction between the performers, and a rich world of natural sound from their unusual instruments, the recorder, fretless guitar, and tarhu.

    Nardoo has managed to find a well-spring in between the cracks of established musical genres, which listeners of many persuasions can draw upon.


    Peter Biffin and Zana Clarke began playing together in 1994. While coming from very different musical backgrounds, they recognised in each others playing a shared love of music which revolves around melody and tone colour. Zana played Medieval and Baroque music on recorder and violin, Peter played Turkish and Indian music on a variety of his own instruments.

    Nardoo was subsequently formed in 1995 playing all original work, and released their first CD Nardoo with Move Records in 1996. Their second CD, Waiting by the Sea, was released by Orpheus Music in 1999.

    They have explored music ranging from completely pre-composed pieces to free improvisation, finding a musical form that provides freedom for their individual styles and a high degree of spontaneous exchange.

    Period/Genre Contemporary modal music
    Composer Surname CD
    Instrumentation Nardoo, P Biffin + Z Clarke

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