Paetzold Recorder Options

Paetzold recorders now come in three materials and two head joint options, as well as a wide range of colours, bringing you dozens of options to choose from. With all of these possible combinations, there are not photos available for every exact model, but this page will provide you with information and examples of the various finish options you can choose from, and help highlight the differences between the Master and Solo series. More information on the different head joint options is coming soon. 

Master series

The Master series are the original Paetzold recorders, available in a range of finishes, with most models made from high quality birch ply. There is also a solid cherry wood option available for some recorder sizes. The main colour options for the Master series are shown below.

Plain Birch

This is the classic Paetzold recorder, made from high quality birch ply, with black buttons and trim. 

Solid Cherry

These models are made from solid cherrywood

Airbrushed - Standard Colours

The following standard colour options are  achieved by airbrushing patterns on to birch ply and are available across most of the range: ABW - Blue wave; AK - Cherry; AP - Rosewood; AO - Olive; AS - Black. See the image gallery below for examples across a variety of recorder sizes. 

Airbrushed - Special Editions

There are a range of special edition finishes available for certain models: EBN - Edition Black Nugget; EBT - Edition Blue Thunder, EGN - Edition Golden Net; ELE - Edition Leopard, EMR - Edition Moulin Rouge; EPB - Edition Panda Bear, ERC - Edition Red Cat. See the gallery below for examples. 

Solo series

The Solo series is a new addition to the Paetzold range, and is made from an innovative resin material with remarkable acoustic qualities, light weight and a lower price. The Solo series is currently available in black across all sizes, with some special edition finishes available on some models. 


Special Editions