Instrumental music of the Renaissance Vol II


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    _Score 47 pp._

    *12 Renaissance Quartets* for varying combinations of recorder quartet.

    1. des Pres, "Konigsfanfaren" (SAAT)
    2. Lupo, "Fantasia" (SATB)
    3. Japart, "Kanzon" (SATB)
    4. Banchieri, "Sinfonia" (SATT)
    5. Banchieri, "Fantazia" (S S or A, A B)
    6. Byrd, "Fantasia" (SATB)
    7. Byrd, "Sellenger's Round" (SATB)
    8. Maschera, "Canzona" (SATB)
    9. Isaac, "La my La sol" (SATB)
    10. Cabezon, "Tiento VII Cuarto Tono" (SATB)
    11. Cabezon, "Tiento X Primer Tono" (A T or A, T B)
    12. Cabezon, "Fuga al contrario" (A, A or T, T B)

    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Various Combinations of Four Recorders

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