Sheet Music for 7 and 8 Recorders

A Clutch of Fipples


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    *Contemporary Piece.* Chirpy, minimalistic hocketish piece that is fun to play.

    1. A Clutch of Fipples

    _Score 7 pp. Parts 1 pp._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ,All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Russell
    Composer Surname Gilmour
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation 2 Descants - 3 Trebles - 2 Tenors - Bass
    Composer Letter G
    Composer Name Gilmour - Russell

    OMP 125 Russell Gilmour A Clutch of Fipples

    A rhythmically challenging piece for recorder ensemble (2D, 3A, 2T, B) but not insurmountable for confident players with good counting, especially at the suggested speed of crotchet=56.This piece does require attention to detail - especially in articulation, which is carefully marked. From staccati and slurs to accents and some flutter tonguing, all parts are equally challenged and, combined with the tricky rhythms, great concentrations will be required. As always with Orpheus editions, the parts and score are well presented although on occasion the articulation slurs and dots 'collide' on the page. There are no dynamics indicated so once your ensemble has mastered the rhythms and the finer points of the articulations, there will be plenty more to consider. A fine, textural piece to challenge you with plenty of scope for private practice and something of a team-building experience for your ensemble.

    Jean McCreery The Recorder Magazine,

    To view a video of this recording:
    This video was part of Orpheus Music 25th Celebration, a celebration to share Australian music around the world. Orpheus Music's legacy of keeping Australian music relevant to the musical history of Australia and part of the recorder repertoire is something we are deeply passionate about. We would like to thank all the ensembles and recorder players around the world who took part in our celebration. 

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