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Sheet Music for 7 and 8 Recorders

The Tale of the Old Saguaro


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    *Modern composition for 8 recorders or bamboo flutes*

     Commissioned in 193 by the Dutch Bamboo-recorder-fraternity for double-quartet with bamboo- or recorder. It represents the breathetaking desert-landscape in the South of Arizona, whose symbol is the giant cactus Saguaro. The titles of the sections refer to different aspects of the acardia. Because of the chaning relationships between the voices within the ensemble and various specific playing techniques, the work requires a delicate approach. Like members of a tribe, performers are requested to share all customs and secrets with full understanding. 

    I. The Tale of the Old Saguaro (1996)

    _Score 20 pp. Parts 8 x 4pp._

    Period/Genre Modern
    Composer First Name Paul
    Composer Surname Leenhouts
    Grade Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Soprano, 2 x Altos, 2xTenors, Bass, Great Bass, Sub bass recorders

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