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Handmade Box Recorder Stand - Oak


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    Hand made folding box recorder stand - oak wood

    Hand-made wooden 6-peg instrument stand.  Suitable for holding most garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass instruments.  May be used for recorders, flutes, baroque flutes, Native American flutes and other wind instruments.  The compartment holds peg sizes up to 1" diameter.  Available in 4 wood types: oak, curly maple, cherry and walnut. 

    Pegs are interchangeable and can screw into any of the 6 positions on the stand.  For portability pegs unscrew and are stored in the stand's self contained compartment.  A simple locking mechanism locks the Box Stand in an open position. The mechanism is integrated into the stand and is simple and reliable.  The stand provides a strong and stable base for large instruments, even on an uneven surface.

    This stand is popular among players that need additional peg storage, larger pegs, or reliable stablity.

    6 pegs of the same wood type are included with each stand:
    2 - ¼” Dia. x 6” L (sopranino/soprano)
    2 - 3/8” Dia x 6”L (alto)
    1 - ½”Dia. x 9” L (tenor)
    1 - 5/8” Dia. x 9” L (bass)

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