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Theory Notebook, 3 books in 1


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    *Comprehensive Guide to Music Theory* including examples ad exercises. This textbook published by EMI Music is a three in one book that has total of 29 lessons in each section, which all together is a total of 87 lessons. Each lesson is about one page long that explains about the theory and then give some practical exercises. There is enough space on the book to work out all the questions.

    If you are an a absolute beginner at music, you could use this book without a problem as it starts off with the absolute basics. It then builds off to the more complicated theory.

    This textbook is used for several subjects, one of which is Primary Education, as teachers are expected to have some knowledge of music in the classroom. This is also a good textbook for Music Education, Music subjects and even for some music theory examinations.

    This is a theory textbook which is recommend to anyone who is studying music, as the way the theory is written is easy to understand. It~~~~~s logical and it~~~~~s explained in a simple format. Obviously, the writer knows what they are talking about. I had absolutely no problem self learning with this book without help from anybody.

    The practical exercises were very good as well. They are not hard to do, and is basically what they are talking about in the lessons. They give enough space to do the answers, as well as answers at the back of the book so you could check whether you got it right. I found having answers at the back extremely effective as it~~~~~s easy to see whether you got it right or wrong.

    This book is quite simple, therefore if you are already musically literate, you may consider a harder book, as this one would spend the first 20 lessons talking about the count of each notes, the treble and bass clef, and other simple things like that.

    _Softcovered Book 96 pp._

    Period/Genre 20th Century
    Composer First Name John
    Composer Surname Brimhall
    Instrumentation Theory

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