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Premiereâ of a new type of recorder: An instrument based on the Modern Harmonic Alto with innovative cool design, powerful tone and provision for connection for use as an electric recorder.

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    Airbrush design, gloss varnish, pearwood, footjoint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp

    Function: The Elody can be played in two ways.

    • Its purely acoustic sound is impressive and allows the instrument to be used as a Modern Harmonic Alto that is suitable for any musical style and context.
    • Every Elody has been fitted with a hidden pickup. The combination package includes a special cable for easy connection to any common effects unit or amplifier.

    Design: The model Elody Space also opens up the visual horizon: a starry sky against a night-blue background of sparkling metallic gloss varnish. Some objects are particularly sparkling as they contain various sized pieces of white imitation diamond (zirconia).

    Colour and motif design
    The designs of Elody are prepared by hand using an airbrush technique. There may, therefore, be slight variations in motif detail.

    Wood type: Pearwood Airbrush-Design, gloss varnish

    Fingering: Baroque in the first and second oktave, the notes in the third octave require different fingerings

    Fingering chart: download

    Zusatzklappen: with E-foot and triple key for E/F/F sharp

    Range: e1âes4

    Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz at least

    Thumb rest: an innovative thumb support made from soft synthetic rubber is an integral part of every Elody. The skin-friendly material provides the right hand thumb with a surprisingly stable grip without disturbing agility.

    Block from Synpor-wood composite: This special block provides the instrument with a new musical 'durability': the core of the block consists of an artificial imitation wood product â synpor, that absorbs the moisture of breath condensation without swelling. The synpor core is embedded into a solid, naturally grown, cedar wood shell.

    Purchased Parts Include:

    • Instrument including built-in pickup
    • Cable for connection to electronic equipment
    • CD Vintgar â Kaleidoscope
    • Aluminium case
    • Cleaning rod wood
    • Joint grease
    • Fingering chart
    • Maintenance instructions

    All instruments dispatched by Orpheus Music are automatically insured for their full value at no extra cost to the customer.


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