Elody Cherrywood Treble Recorder


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Premiere of a new type of recorder: An instrument based on the Modern Harmonic Alto with innovative cool design, powerful tone and provision for connection for use as an electric recorder.

Cherrywood, clearly varnished, footjoint with E extension and triple key for E/ F/ F-sharp

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Function: The Elody can be played in two ways.

  • Its purely acoustic sound is impressive and allows the instrument to be used as a Modern Harmonic Alto that is suitable for any musical style and context.
  • Every Elody has been fitted with a hidden pickup. The combination package includes a special cable for easy connection to any common effects unit or amplifier.

Wood type: Cherrywood, clearly varnished

Fingering: Baroque in the first and second oktave, the notes in the third octave require different fingerings

Fingering chart: download

Zusatzklappen: with E-foot and triple key for E/F/F sharp

Range: e1–es4

Pitch: a1 = 442 Hz at least

Thumb rest: an innovative thumb support made from soft synthetic rubber is an integral part of every Elody. The skin-friendly material provides the right hand thumb with a surprisingly stable grip without disturbing agility.

Block from Synpor-wood composite: This special block provides the instrument with a new musical 'durability': the core of the block consists of an artificial imitation wood product – synpor, that absorbs the moisture of breath condensation without swelling. The synpor core is embedded into a solid, naturally grown, cedar wood shell.


  • Instrument including built-in pickup
  • Cable for connection to electronic equipment
  • CD Vintgar – Kaleidoscope
  • Aluminium case
  • Cleaning rod wood
  • Joint grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maintenance instructions

All instruments dispatched by Orpheus Music are automatically insured for their full value at no extra cost to the customer.


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