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Mediaeval Christmas Carols


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    *13 Mediaeval Christmas Songs.* Includes lyrics in English, Medieval Words Read aloud may assist with the understandings. "Make we ioye nowe in this fest". Glossary to assist with the extra unusual words. "In quo Christus natus est", In which christ was born, " A solis ortus cardine", From the rising of the sun.

    1. Nowel Syng We
    2. Goday My Lord Syr Crystemasse
    3. Off a Rose Synge We
    4. Synge We To This Merry Cumpane
    5. Ave domina
    6. Make We loye Nowe in This Fest
    7. What Tydynges Bryngest Thou, Messanger?
    8. As I Lay Upon a Nygt
    9. An Heavenly Songe
    10. Verbum caro factum est
    11. Ecce quod natura
    12. Y-Blessed be that Lord
    13. Hayl Godys Sone

    _Score 14 pp._

    Period/Genre Mediaeval
    Composer Surname Traditional Composers
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation 2 x Descant Recorders

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