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The Bass Recorder Handbook


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    *Traditional Style Tutor* designed to get you reading the bass clef and stretching your fingers. This book is not written as a beginner recorder tutor and suits recorder players who already have music reading skills. Full of great information and advice. The second section in the book has 15 Baroque works which are great repertoire.

    1. Telemann, "L~~~~~Hiver"
    2. Telemann, "Carillon"
    3. Telemann, "Niaise"
    4. Telemann, "Pastourelle"
    5. Telemann, "Polonaise"
    6. Hotteterre, "Rondeau"
    7. Hotteterre, "Rondeau"
    8. Hotteterre, "Allemande"
    9. van Eyck, "Blydschap van myn Vliedt"
    10. van Eyck, "Prelude"
    11. van Eyck, "Rosemondt"
    12. Finger, "Divisions"
    13. Quantz, "Presto"
    14. Vivaldi, "Allegro"
    15. Telemann, "Duet for two flutes"

    _Tutor 46 pp._

    Period/Genre 20th Century
    Composer First Name Denis
    Composer Surname Bloodworth
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation Bass Recorder

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