The Modern Recorder Player Vol 1


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Composer: van Hauwe - Walter

Instrumentation: Descant/Treble/Tenor

Grade: Easy - Moderate - Difficult

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*A Comprehensive Guide To Playing The Recorder.* This publication is a thorough exploration of recorder technique. It includes useful photographs to illustrate important points.

This book includes the following topics;

*How to hold the Recorder*
1. The Right Hand
2. The Left Hand
3. The Lips
4. The Fair Distribution of the Weight

*How to Move the Fingers*
1. The Movement itself
2. The Right Hand
3. The Left Hand
4. The Half-holes
5. The Left Thunb
6. Which Fingers Do What?
7. Table of Fingerings
8. Exploring Combinations of Fingers

*About Breathing*
1. Inhalation
2. Exhalation
3. How to Hold the Air

*About Articulation*
1. The Consonants
2. The Position of the Tongue with Single "T" and "D"
3. Double Tonguing with "T" and "D"
4. Double Tonguing with More than Two Syllables
5. Legato-Portato-Staccato
6. The Consonants "K" and "G"

_Part 72 pp._

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