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Descant + Treble

Plain and Fancy


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    *24 Solos and 14 Duets* by various composers. Finger Chart included for Descant and Treble with some helpful playing hints!

    1. Lightly Row (English)
    2. Begone From my Window (English)
    3. The French Levalto
    4. A Frolic
    5. Tsamiko
    6. Country Dance (Schubert)
    7. O Susanna (American)
    8. The Sandman (Brahms)
    8. The Jumping Dance (Norniger)
    9. March (Turk)
    10. The Carman~~~~~s Whistle (Bryd)
    11. Melodie (schumann)
    12. March (Purcell)
    13. German Dance (Haydn)
    14. Song Tune (John Blow)
    15. Helstin Flora Dance (English)
    16, I~~~~~m Seventeen Come Sunday
    17. Over the Hills and Far Away
    18. March From Scipio (Handel)
    19. The Barley Mow (English)
    20. Carnival of Venice
    21. The Men of Herlech (Welch)
    22. Ballad (English)
    23. Pavane (Spanish)

    1. Rigadoon (Purcell)
    2. Wooden Shoe Dance (German)
    3. Canaries (Canary Island)
    4. Dance on the Green (Danish)
    5. Bohemian Dance
    6. Dance (Dibdin)
    7. Ribbon Dance(English)
    8. Hornpipe-The Miner~~~~~s Fancy
    9. Summer is I~~~~~cumen in
    10. Air (Much Ado About Nothing)(Dibdin)
    11. Dance (Dibbin)
    12. The Jolly Toper (English)
    13. Dance (Dibdin)
    14. Marchin on (American)

    _Part 20 pp._

    Arranger Cecily Lambert
    Period/Genre Mixed
    Composer Surname Various Composers
    Grade Easy
    Instrumentation Descant + Treble Recorders

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