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CD Recording: A fascinating collection of twenty one vibrant tracks based on melodies from four medieval courts, those of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204), Gaon of Tiberias (1000-1077), Saladin of Egypt (1138-1193) and Alfonso X of Castile and Leon (1252-1284). Recorder: Zana Clarke

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Courts in Colour Move MD 3177 (1996)

Cantigas creatively explore sounds and expression within an historical context, brought to life by an array of authentic medieval instruments revealing the unique style and character of each nationality.

Cantigas is made up of:

Zana Clarke: ganassi recorder, voice flute, rebec, yayla-tanbur

Caroline Downer: vielle, harp, hurdy-gurdy

Philip Gunter: oud, lute, darabouka, bells


Simon Gorman: darabouka, bells, rainstick

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