Helder Evo Tenor Recorder (with B Key) in Rosewood


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  • The innovative tenor recorder from the family of harmonic recorders is a high-end version for the most demanding standards. Based on the design of Dutch recorder maker Maarten Helder, the instrument was completely reworked in the Mollenhauer workshop in cooperation with recorder player Susanne Fröhlich

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Rosewood Tenor with B-key.

The Helder Evo Tenor offers a number of exceptional benefits:

Extended range from B natural 3 – E7 (ASPN / IPN)

The tones of the instrument's foot-joint are overblowing into their natural partials: This concept stabilizes the harmonic recorder's sound in any register and makes it more flexible – an ideal combination with modern orchestral instruments.

The tuning slide allows a secure intonation within a bigger pitch range.

The Sound-Unit system is the direct access to a flexible sound design in terms of type of sound, sound modulation, attack and dynamics. Many tonal parameters can be regulated either before the playing or altered during the performance.

The Piano or Register Key allows a variable pitch control and may influence the dynamic processes as well as the response of the highest registers positively.

The foot-joint is equipped with a chromatically arranged key mechanism according to highest ergonomic demands: Starting with a semitone extension to low B natural, there are open keys for C and C sharp followed by a closed key for D sharp.

The middle-joint is equipped with alternative keys for F and F sharp plus G sharp.

Several features support a perfectly balanced playing position: the knick head-joint, the vertically and horizontally adjustable special thumb rest and the elastic neck strap.

Purchased parts package:
* Instrument
* Case
* Thumb rest
* Little screwdriver
* Cleaning rod wood for tenor
* Joint grease stick
* Fingering chart
* Maintenance instructions

For sound samples played by Susanne Fröhlich:


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