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Tenor Recorders

Canta Comfort Tenor in Pearwood


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    Pearwood Tenor, baroque double hole, with four keys

    Canta, the joy of ensemble playing
    Versatile, reliable recorder ensemble with an homogenous sound, made of pearwood

    Our Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand. G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained. F-key: The right index finger stretches less, making the entire hand relaxed. C/C#-double key: The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.

    The tenor is the ideal instrument for anyone who already plays the soprano recorder but loves a warmer, deeper recorder sound. You don't have to relearn anything: the fingerings and notation are identical to that of the soprano recorder.

    Pleasantly clear sound, speaks easily: for use in ensembles or as a solo instrument, Canta is the model that offers versatility. Especially resilient and reliable due to the choice of wood and robust, practical design. A' = 442Hz.

    Purchased parts package:
    * Instrument
    * Case
    * Thumb rest
    * Support strap
    * Microfibre mop, highly absorbent
    * Joint grease
    * Fingering chart
    * Maintenance instructions

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