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Tenor Recorders

Denner Comfort Tenor Recorder in Castello Boxwood


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    Castello boxwood tenor, baroque double holes, with four keys.

    Denner - A wealth of sound from fine woods. A sophisticated ensemble based on original instruments by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) in Nuremberg and Copenhagen.

    Our Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand. G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained. F-key: The right index finger stretches less, making the entire hand relaxed. C/C#-double key: The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.

    Brilliant, expressive sound with a convincing charm. Agile, quick response in all octaves: ideal for virtuosic music of any era. Undercut finger holes: discover the particularly stable sounds of these instruments.

    Visually impressive: finely crafted ornamental rings and a surface pleasingly finished with oil. Baroque fingering, A' = 442 Hz.

    Purchased parts package:
    * Instrument
    * Case
    * Cleaning rod wood
    * Joint grease
    * Fingering chart
    * Maintenance instructions
    * Made in Germany

    All instruments dispatched by Orpheus Music are automatically insured for their full value at no extra cost to the customer.


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