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    *Contemporary Piece.* Attractive atmospheric piece that uses Asian influences. Makes some use of multiphonics and vocal colouration. Bass & tenor/treble version.

    1. Ikaho

    _Part 2 pp._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ;All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Malcolm
    Composer Surname Tattersall
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Tenor - Bass
    Composer Letter T
    Composer Name Tattersall - Malcolm

    OMP021 Malcolm Tattersall Ikaho

    OMP 021 is a two-and-a-half-minute solo for bass recorder, or treble or tenor, by Malcolm Tattersall, entitled Ikaho.  It is presented twice, first in bass clef and again in treble, as if there are recorder players who could not play from either clef on any recorder!  I found the piece accessible, convincing and compelling.  The composer describes it as a quasi-vocal setting of a poem by the 7th-century Japanese poet Manyoshu:

    The wind that sweeps down Ikaho,

    Some days it blows, they say:

    Another it does not blow.

    Two statements of the theme enclose a series of six meditations on various images evoked by the poem.  Techniques used include flutter-tongue, finger-vibrato, trills, tremolos, sputato, con voce, glissandi, window- covering and much normal playing.

    Paul Clark, The Recorder Magazine, Summer 1999

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