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  • by Andrew Baker
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    Instrumentation: 2 x Treble Recorders, Cello with Harpsichord
    Period/Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: Moderate - Difficult

    _Score 20 pp. Parts 2-7 pp._

    Features *Several Sections* marked by different tempo indications. Use of changing meter and highly chromatic.

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  • by Henry Purcell
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    Arranger: Paul Leenhouts
    Instrumentation: 2 x Treble Recorders, Gamba with Continuo
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult

    _Score 12 pp. Parts 3-6 pp._

    *Baroque Trio Sonata.* Includes preface in German, English & French.

    1. Adagio

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  • by Johann Sebastian Bach
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    Instrumentation: 2 x Treble Recorders, Solo Violin, with Piano Reduction
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult
    _Score 36 pp. Parts 7-10 pp._

    *One of Bach's Most Well Known Concertos* adapted here for Solo Violin and two Treble Recorders.

    1. Allegro
    2. Andante
    3. Presto

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  • by Biagio Marini
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    Instrumentation: 2-3 instruments with Basso Continuo
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult

    _Score 4 pp. Parts 1 pp._

    *Early Baroque Piece* in three sections. Introductory, performance and editorial notes included.

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  • by Johann Pachelbel
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    Instrumentation: 2-3 melody instruments + bass
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Moderate

    _Score 4 pp. Parts 2 pp._

    *Famous Baroque Canon.* Arranged and transposed for all instruments (C, B flat, E flat, F).

    1. Canon

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  • by  Traditional Composers
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    Arranger: Uli Fuhre
    Instrumentation: 2-3 Recorders + bass
    Period/Genre: Folk
    Grade: Easy - Moderate
    _Score 26 pp._

    *14 Traditional Dances* from three Continents.

    1. Bingo (USA)
    2. Black Nag (England)
    3. Branle de Quercy (France)
    4. Hakke Toone (Netherlands)
    5. Sternpolka (Austria)
    6. Sellinger's...

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  • MR2242
    Instrumentation: Alto Voice + 2 x Flutes with Basso Continuo
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult

    _Score 28 pp. Parts 7 pp._

    *Three Arias* with keyboard reduction. Foreword in German and English. Lyrics included.

    1. Wohl euch, ihr auserwahlen Seelen BWV34
    2. Komm, du suite Todesstunde BWV161
    3. Nur durch Lieb und...

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    Instrumentation: Bass Recorder with Viola + Cello
    Period/Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: Difficult - Very Difficult

    _Score 4 pp. Parts 2 pp._

    *Contemporary Composition.*

    1. Elegiac Variations

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  • by Mary Mageau
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    Instrumentation: Descant or Tenor Recorder, Cello with Harpsichord or Piano
    Period/Genre: Folk/Trad
    Grade: Moderate

    _Score 14 pp. Parts 4 pp._

    *20th Century Arrangement* of the Beautiful Melody, "Greensleeves" featuring interesting variations and instrumentation. Presented on traditional type paper with enchanting images.

    1. Greensleeves

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  • by Giovanni Battista Riccio
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    Instrumentation: Descant or Treble Recorder, Bassoon or Gamba with Basso Continuo
    Period/Genre: Baroque
    Grade: Difficult
    _Score 16 pp. Parts 6 pp._

    *Three Early Baroque Canzonas* with alternating duple and triple sections.

    1. Canzona
    2. Canzona con il Tremolo "La Grimaneta"
    3. Canzona

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  • by  Dalla Casa/Bassano
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    Arranger: Bernard Thomas
    Instrumentation: Descant Recorder, Voice, Lute with Continuo
    Period/Genre: Renaissance
    Grade: Difficult - Very Difficult

    _Score 32 pp. Parts 19 pp._

    *Five Chansons with Divisions.* Includes substantial introductory notes in German and English giving extensive commentary including style of the composers, influences, performance and editorial notes.

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  • by Jacques Morel
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    Instrumentation: Flute (Treble Recorder Viol), Bass Viola da Gamba with Continuo
    Period/Genre: Baroque

    _Score 12 pp. Parts 3 pp._

    *Baroque Composition.* Includes both a realised and figured bass part with introductory notes in English and German.

    1. Chaconne en Trio

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