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    *41 Tunes* which were first published in 1717, when teaching birds to imitate tunes with a popular hobby. Comprehensive introductory notes in German and English as well as some facsimile pages from the original manuscript are included.

    10 Tunes for the Bullfinch
    9 Tunes for the Canary Bird
    6 Tunes for the Linnet
    4 Tunes for the Woodlark
    2 Tunes for the Skylark
    3 Tunes for the Starling
    2 Tunes for the Parrot
    2 Tunes for the Nightingale
    A Tune for the Sparrow
    A Tune for the East India Nightingale
    A Tune for the Throstle

    _AMEB Grade 2 Treble List B; Trinity Grade 1 Group C Treble [No. 3 Canary or No. 1 Parrot]_

    _Part 21 pp. Quarto size._

    Arranger Stanley Godman
    Period/Genre Baroque/Classical
    Composer Surname an anonymous composer
    Grade Easy - Moderate
    Instrumentation Sopranino/Treble Recorders

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