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Handeling a Rondo


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    *Contemporary Piece.* Simple piece based on themes by Handel suitable for massed playing by fairly inexperienced players. Descant part uses 5 notes.

    1. Handeling a Rondo

    _Score 4 pp. Parts 1 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Miggs
    Composer Surname Coggan
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant, Treble + Tenor Recorders with Piano

    OMP041 Miggs Coggan Handeling a Rondo

    Handeling a Rondo is intended for a massed ensemble of young players and is appropriate for teachers seeking accessible music at beginning and lower intermediate levels.  A piano accompaniment that supports and complements the combined instruments has been provided.  The soprano recorder part, limited to five tones from G to D, is especially devised to accommodate beginners.  Rhythm patterns throughout are even and predicable.  Note durations include half and quarter notes with moving eighth notes only in the soprano and alto lines.

    The very nature of the rondo musical form works effectively with novice players, and repeated passages with only a few contrasting sections characterise this composition. The composer, Miggs Coggan, who readily admits that her compositions are influenced by Orff and Dalcroze, has created interest in the rondo by juxtaposing polyphonic and homophonic sections.  She is a resident of Armidale, Australia, and has devoted her career to teaching classroom music, creative dance, recorder, piano and early childhood music.

    Gwen Skeens, American Recorder, November 2002

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