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Divisions on Chansons I


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    *Five Chansons with Divisions.* Includes substantial introductory notes in German and English giving extensive commentary including style of the composers, influences, performance and editorial notes.

    1. dalla Casa, Petite fleur coincte et jolye
    2. dalla Casa, Petit Jacqut
    3. dalla Casa, Alix avoit dens la malerage _AMEB Associate List A Descant_
    4(a). Bassano, Frais et gaillard
    4(b). Bassano, Frais et gaillard _AMEB Licentiate List A Descant_
    5(a). Bassano, Ung gay bergier _AMEB Licentiate List A Descant_
    5(b). Bassano, Ung gay bergier

    _Score 32 pp. Parts 19 pp._

    Arranger Bernard Thomas
    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer Surname Dalla Casa/Bassano
    Grade Difficult - Very Difficult
    Instrumentation Descant Recorder, Voice, Lute with Continuo

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