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Variations on Waltzing Matilda


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    *Iconic Australian Folksong* worked as variations. A most approachable work. This piece had a Premier Performance at the 2013 Orpheus Music Recorder Course in Armidale. It was very well received and we are pleased to be able to offer this publication for sale.

    1. Moderato
    2. Variation 1 - Allegretto
    3. Variation 2 - Adagio
    4. Variation 3 - Allegro
    5. Variation 4 - Lively, with a jazz swing

    _Score 7 pp. Parts 2-3 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Les
    Composer Surname Davey
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant, Treble, Tenor + Bass Recorders

    Les Davey
    Variations on Waltzing Matilda
    For SATB recorders
    Orpheus Music, OMP 245
    As Orpheus music is Australia's recorder music publisher, it is not surprising to find that one of their new publications is a set of
    variations on Waltzing Matilda by Les Davey.
    There are four variations in this set.
    The theme has a jazzy introduction but then is a straightforward setting of the tune in F Major. In Variation 1, which is also in F major, The theme isn't all that apparent until half way through when it pops up in the treble part as the refrain of " waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda...". Variation 2 is a doleful variation in F minor (be warned 4 flats!). Variation 3 returns to F Major and is in 6/8 time. This variation is mainly for a nimble-fingered descant player. The final variation is a lively jazz piece with most of the interest in the descant part and is a good ending to the set. Although at first sight, this set of variations doesn't appear to be too difficult (apart from the four flats), it does need reasonably  competent players to produce a satisfying performance.

    Janice Ormerod , The Recorder Magazine, Summer 2014 p.64

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