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Rabbit Farm


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    A fun collection of satirical pieces.

    1. Baby Bunny Creche
    2. Good Mother Rabbit
    3. Bad Mother Rabbit
    4. Bunnies at Church
    5. Bunnies Graveyard Picnic
    6. Bunnies at School
    7. Miss Elegant Bunny
    8. Liberal Bunnies
    9. Wolves and Weasels

    _Score 20 pp. Parts 8 pp._

    Period/Genre Contemporary
    Composer First Name Lance
    Composer Surname Eccles
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation Descant, Treble, Tenor + Bass Recorders

    OMP058 Lance Eccles Rabbit Farm

    An amusing and quirky addition to the quartet repertoire this piece - based on "bunnies" - does set you wondering about Lance Eccles!

    Divided into no less than 9 movements, each movement is given both a title and a witty two line header (Baby Bunnies - "Baby bunnies, how well they fare!  They spend the day in professional care").

    The scoring is sympathetic and equally generous - even your tenor player will be suitable engaged with his part!  Indeed, all parts are moderately taxing - suitable for players from about Grade V or VI upwards.

    As one has come to expect from Orpheus publications, the score and parts are clearly printed, with no tricky page turns.

    Jean McCreery, The Recorder Magazine, Winter 2001

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