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    *Contemporary Pieces.* Eight short and fun pieces that explore different metres from 5/8 to 13/8!

    1. 5 o~~~~~clock
    2. 2 or 3 minutes to 6
    3. 7 past 7
    4. 8 to 8
    5. 9am
    6. 5 past 10
    7. The 11th hour
    8. The clocks were striking 13
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    _Score 8 pp. Parts 4 pp. Downloadable PDF file - 1140 Kb._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ,All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Benjamin
    Composer Surname Thorn
    Grade Moderate - Difficult
    Instrumentation Descant - Treble - Tenor - Bass
    Composer Letter T
    Composer Name Thorn - Benjamin

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