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Dorma dorma O Bambin


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    *Collection European of Christmas carols* for SATB

    I. Dorma dorma O Bambin

    1. Dorma dorma O Bambin
    2. Quando nascette Ninno
    3. Kirje, kirje, kisdedecske
    4. Melchior und Balthasar
    5. Noel nouveau
    6. My tez pastuszkowie
    7. Hajej, muj andilku
    8. Al canaveral espeso
    9. Still still o still
    10. Hiljaa, hiljaa

    _Score 7 pp._

    Arranger Cesar Bresgen
    Period/Genre Folk/Trad
    Composer First Name Various
    Grade Easy
    Instrumentation SATB

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