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Purple Neon


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    *Contemporary Piece.* Jazz influenced using close harmony and a funky melody.

    1. Purple Neon

    _Score 10 pp. Parts 1 pp._

    Publisher Orpheus Music ,All Publishers
    Period/Genre Australian Contemporary
    Composer First Name Lance
    Composer Surname Eccles
    Grade Difficult
    Instrumentation Sopranino - 2 Descants - 2 Trebles - 2 Tenors - 2 Basses
    Composer Letter E
    Composer Name Eccles - Lance

    OMP009 Lance Eccles Purple Neon

    This languorous single movement in a gently pulsating 12/8-time has about it something of the majesty we associate with purple and something of the brashness of the bright city lights.  Sopranino dominates the first chorus, first treble the second, descant brings in a related theme and sopranino reclaims the lead for the final chorus.  The part-writing is good for all nine players and there are many nice touches - the skilful doublings here and there, the way the end of the first chorus is twice postponed, the driving duplet rhythms that back the melody when tenor and bass have it.  There are many good things for the large group to enjoy here.  The tempo mark says "Not fast" without specifying a metronome mark.  At dotted crotchet=84 it would take just over three minutes.

    Paul Clark, The Recorder Magazine, Summer 1999

    To view a video of this recording:
    This video was part of Orpheus Music 25th Celebration, a celebration to share Australian music around the world. Orpheus Music's legacy of keeping Australian music relevant to the musical history of Australia and part of the recorder repertoire is something we are deeply passionate about. We would like to thank all the ensembles and recorder players around the world who took part in our celebration. 

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