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    *12 Klezmer arrangements* for variable instrumentation

    1. Di Mesinke ojsgegeb [Gave away the youngest daughter]
    2. Di Tsimbi [The Cimbalom]
    3. Dos Lidl fun goldenem Land [Little song of the golden land]
    4. Frejlechs [Joyful]
    5. Her nor, du sheyn meydele [Listen pretty maiden]
    6. Jankere mit Rivkele [Jankere and Rivkele]
    7. Sherele [Little shears]
    8. Jiddischer Tanz [Yiddish Dance]
    9. Shabbes soll seyn [Shabbes shall be]
    10. 7 Uhr 40 [7:40am]
    11. Un as der Rebbe lacht [And when the Rabbi laughs]
    12. Das Zitronchen [The little lemon]

    Includes preface and lyrics. Parts in C and B flat.

    _Score 39 pp. Parts 8 pp._

    Period/Genre Folk/Trad
    Composer Surname Traditional Composers
    Instrumentation Variable instrumentation with keyboard accompaniment

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