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Playford Dances and Carolan Tunes: Old Popular Dances and Melodies from the British Isles.


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    *Ten Tunes* from Playford~~~~~s The Dancing Master and the Irish harpist Turlough O~~~~~Carolan. Intended to be performed with one upper voice and basso continuo, an additional upper part has been provided ad libitum and is particularly effective on the repeat. Includes editorial notes and composer~~~~~s biography.

    1. O~~~~~Carolan, Mrs Keel
    2. Playford, Lady Catherine Ogle
    3. Playford, Never Love Thee More
    4. O~~~~~Carolan, Miss MacDermott or The Princess Royal
    5. O~~~~~Carolan, The Two William Davises
    6. Playford, The Hare~~~~~s Maggot
    7. O~~~~~Carolan, Variations on the Scottish Air "When She Cam Ben"
    8. Playford, The merry, merry Milke Maids
    9. O~~~~~Carolan, Planxty Maggie Browne
    10. Playford, Edinburgh Castle

    _Score 16 pp. 3 x Parts 13 pp._

    Arranger Nickolau Newerkla
    Period/Genre Renaissance
    Composer Surname Playford and O'Carolan
    Grade Moderate
    Instrumentation Descant or Treble Recorder with Basso Continuo

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